Apr 132012

Everything old is new again. Behold, the future of bicycle parking. Photo: Etsy.com

The Department of Transportation is considering a proposal to reuse old-school parking meters – rendered obsolete by electronic muni-meters – as parking for bicycles, a move cheered by Third Avenue store owners, according to Brooklyn Daily. The proposal is supported by several people, including Third Avenue Merchants president Robert Howe and former chairman of Community Board 10, Bob Cassara. (Muni-meters are expected to be installed this fall.)

I was in Williamsburg this past Monday evening, where I can assure you, the local bike-riding population has already made substantial use of parking meters as bike racks. But then, Williamsburg has become the nation’s most important enclave of seventh-year seniors and other grown adults who aren’t. Will meters-as-bike-parking be embraced by the Bay Ridge community?

Anthony Loupos, owner of the newly-opened Glow Thai, told the Brooklyn Daily, “Last fall on a nice day we would see four or five tables per day come on bicycle.” Cassara added, “We should be doing more things like this. Any merchants who are against this aren’t informed about how having more people on bikes can increase business.”

Speaking for myself, I don’t have a car, but I have a bicycle. An increase of bicycle parking would be great for those trips that are a bit past walking distance, but not seemingly worth the hassle of getting on the subway or the bus. What do you think? Would this plan be a help or hindrance?