Jun 202012

A little over a year ago, Bay Ridge lost Leske’s [7612 5th Ave], its last Scandinavian bakery. Now, not only is Leske’s returning, but one of the new owners is insisting that the quality – which customers say had declined in recent years – will be better than ever.

Brooks of Sheffield from the blog Lost City announced news of Leske’s return in April, prompting a response from partner Harry Hawk – who agreed with longtime regulars who had voiced their disapproval of lower standards during the bakery’s last days.

The quote, which was first posted by Hawk as a comment to the original story, outlined Leske’s renewed commitment to quality:

We think that you are correct that things are (anywhere) not nearly as good as they used to be.

The bakers have requested we “turn back the clock” on quality and we agree. For example we will return to making Custards and puddings from scratch.

There is a fine line here of course. The further back you go in terms of quality, ingredients, etc. the more expensive the baked good become.

In season, we will be making fruit toppings from scratch with local fruits.

Once we open, we are eager to get everyone’s feedback.