Nov 092012

There are a number of community- and high school-based theater and musical productions happening right now, THIS WEEKEND. I meant to write about this earlier. Another news event of some importance ended up getting in the way.

“The Merchant Of Venice” – presented by the Fort Hamilton High School Performing Arts and English Department. Show dates are: tonight at 7pm, tomorrow (Nov 10) at 2pm and 7pm. At Fort Hamilton High School.

“Crazy For You” – presented by Narrows Community Theater. Show dates are: tonight at 8pm, tomorrow (Nov 10) at 8pm, Sunday (Nov 11) at 2pm, Nov 16 at 8pm, Nov 17 at 8pm, and Nov 18 at 2pm. At St. Patrick’s auditorium. $20 for adults, $15 for seniors, students, and under-21.

“The Last Night of Ballyhoo” – presented by the Ridge Repertory Company. Show dates are tomorrow (Nov 10) at 8pm, Sunday (Nov 11) at 5pm, Dec 1 at 8pm, and Dec 2 at 5pm. At the Bay Ridge Jewish Center. $15. This is delayed by one week. That is what I get for writing a story before checking my e-mail.

“Coming Home!” – presented by the Rhapsody Players. Show date is tomorrow (Nov 10) at 8pm. At St. John’s auditorium. $20.

“Seasons of Love” – a benefit concert presented by BrooklynOne. Show date is Sunday (Nov 11) at 7pm. At St. John’s auditorium (499 99th Street.) $20.