Nov 042012

We haven’t received confirmation from the MTA that the X27 is running a normal route in Manhattan, but we used our sleuthing powers to determine it was so. (Image source: Wikipedia Commons)

[UPDATED 2X] N- and Q-train service across the Manhattan Bridge has been restored Sunday evening, as well as A- and C-train service through the Cranberry Street Tunnel. Rush-hour ferry service between Sunset Park and Manhattan has been added.

The post-Hurricane Sandy transportation network will be in much better shape for your Monday morning commute than it was last week.


  • The newest subway recovery map is available by clicking here.
  • As of Sunday at noon, the MTA has restored Brooklyn-to-Manhattan train service on the following lines: 2, 3, 4, 5 (rush hour), D, F, J, N, M, and Q.
  • R-trains will most likely stop at Jay Street/MetroTech, as it has for the last few days. For Manhattan train service, you can transfer at Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center for the 2, 3, 4, 5, D, or N, at DeKalb Avenue for the Q-train, or at 9th Street for the F-train.
  • The “bus bridges” that were set up at Barclays Center and Jay Street last week have been discontinued.
  • Authorities are expecting crowded conditions, due to a number of factors: more people returning to work as power has been restored to most areas in the business districts, more people returning to work now that schools are open, a reduced frequency of trains, and more people seeking mass transit options due to the gasoline shortage.

Express buses:

We have had a few people e-mail us about the X27 – they’re concern is that it would bypass stops in the southern-most reaches of Manhattan, since it is no longer able to use the Brooklyn-Battery-Carey Tunnel. The web site is a bit vague on the matter, so we asked the MTA press office if they could look into the answer for us – knowing full well that they probably wouldn’t get a chance to check, given everything else they have to deal with right now.

But good news! We’re good sleuths. It turns out that the X27 from Bay Ridge and X28 from Coney Island follow essentially the same Manhattan routes as the X10, X12, and X17 buses from Staten Island. And the MTA web site is much more clear on how those routes will get around the flooded tunnel:

…express buses enter Manhattan Bridge, stay to left on Bridge, left on Broadway and drop customers off in regular bus stop routes, right on Battery Pl, right on Greenwich St and regular route.

So there you have it. Normal stops once the express buses get to Manhattan. It isn’t specific to the X27 and X28, but it is a safe bet they’ll follow the same path as their Staten Island cousins.


  • The Brooklyn-Battery/Carey Tunnel and the Queens-Midtown Tunnel remain closed due to flooding.
  • Carpooling/HOV restrictions are not expected to be placed on the remaining East River crossings this week.
  • The gasoline shortage is not expected to be completely ameliorated until later this week. Service stations were cut off from their normal distribution network when area storage facilities, refineries, and a pipeline from the Gulf Coast lost power. Navigation hazards in the Port of New York also meant that fuel could not be imported through the harbor until late last week. The Department of Defense has deployed trucks to the Brooklyn Armory at 1579 Bedford Avenue, offering 10 gallons of free gasoline. However, emergency vehicles are given priority.


There is temporary ferry service from the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park to Downtown and Midtown Manhattan.

  • The boats will run on a half hour loop, leaving Brooklyn Army Terminal from approximately 6:00 AM – 10:30 AM.
  • From East 35th Street and Wall Street/Pier 11, ferry service will run from approximately 3:00 PM – 8:30 PM.
  • Fares from the Brooklyn Army Terminal to either Wall Street/Pier 11 or East 35th Street will be $8.
  • Fares for people only traveling between Wall Street/Pier 11 and East 35th Street will be $5.
  • There will also be free parking for approximately 550 cars for ferry passengers leaving from the Brooklyn Army Terminal at Pier 4.
  • The entrance to Brooklyn Army Terminal’s Pier 4 is at 58th Street and 1st Avenue.