Nov 262012

Salvatore Perrone (Image source: Franconia Township Police Department).

The neighbors of triple murder suspect Salvatore Perrone painted a picture of an unhinged man whose off-putting behavior included posing as a retired police detective, as reported by Chris Francescani for Reuters.

Police sources seemed to compliment the anecdotes of civilians who crossed paths with Perrone – who is currently awaiting his next hearing on first and second-degree murder charges in the brutal slayings of shopkeepers Isaac Kadare, 59, Mohammed Gebeli, 75, and Rahmatollah Vahidipour, 78.

According to the Daily News, cops say the man fellow residents in his Staten Island neighborhood referred to as “Son of Sal,” and who affected a fake Italian accent while speaking with one of his girlfriend’s neighbors in Queens, claimed to work for the CIA during his police interrogation.

“If you work for the CIA, where’s your ID?” asked one investigator.

“At the CIA, we don’t carry ID,” Perrone responded, according to the Daily News source.

A gun found in Perrone’s – aka “John Doe Duffle Bag’s” gym bag matches the ballistics of a gun used in three separate killings of Brooklyn store-owners this year. Mohammed Gebeli of 5th Avenue’s Valentino Fashion was the first of the three shopkeepers to be killed. The murder of Gebeli, a beloved member of the Bay Ridge community, occurred on Friday, July 6, 2012.

Perrone will remain in Rikers Island’s North Infirmary wing until his next court appearance, which is expected to be sometime today.