Nov 282012

Next weekend (Friday, December 7, and Saturday, December 8), BrooklynONE Productions will be holding the Vince Mazza ONE/Act Festival, now in its seventh year. This collection of one-act plays will include the last unproduced work of BrooklynONE co-founder and community activist Tom Kane, who passed away in 2011.

This year’s event will also be a benefit for victims of Hurricane Sandy. BrooklynONE posted this note on their Facebook page last night:

We had a fantastic rehearsal tonight for our ONE/act festival…its going to be a great show…and when you come you can find out more information about the relief efforts going on at St. Johns and how you can volunteer! I hope you can join us…. it’s a Pay What You Want event (so you choose who much you want to pay to get in)…and a Bring What You Can event as well, as we are accepting donations of supplies and goods (no clothes) for the relief center at St. Johns!

The festival will kick off at 8pm on both nights in St. John’s Parish Hall (461 99th Street). The full play list is below:

  • After the Ball by Fred Stroppel
  • The Problem with Spirit Animals by Stephen Gracia
  • What’s My Motivation by Michael Coluccio
  • Sucker by Tom Kane (his final un-produced work)
  • Collateral Damage by Isabella Russell-Ide
  • Take it Like a Man by James Barone