Nov 062012

Today is election day!

There have been a few changes to Congressional, State Senate, and State Assembly districts since the last election. This article reviews the new boundaries for State Senate districts that cover Bay Ridge, and lists the candidates that have their names on the ballot (* indicates incumbent candidate). Remember, you can locate your polling site through the Board of Elections web site, or text NYCVOTES to 877877.

State Senate – District 22

The Bay Ridge portion of the 22nd State Senate district, which stretches to Mill Basin.

Most of Bay Ridge is represented by the 22nd State Senate district. It covers much of the same ground as it did before, though there are some minor changes in the northeast corner of Bay Ridge (a few residents once represented in the 22nd district are now in the 23rd district). There are changes to the boundary in the eastern part of the district, as it now includes Manhattan Beach. The candidates on the ballot are:

  • Martin Golden* (Republican, Conservative, Independence)
  • Andrew Gounardes (Democrat, Working Families)

State Senate – District 23

The Bay Ridge portion of the 23rd Senate district, which also includes parts of Staten Island, Bath Beach, and Coney Island.

A small portion of the northern part of Bay Ridge is represented by the 23rd State Senate district. It actually includes a little more Bay Ridge than it did before, though it includes a much smaller portion of Sunset Park now. The Bay Ridge/Sunset Park portion is essentially an exclave of a district that is dominated by Coney Island the North Shore of Staten Island. The candidates on the ballot are:

  • Diane Savino* (Democratic, Working Families, Independence)
  • Lisa Grey (Republican, Conservative)

(Teaser photos of Andrew Gounardes courtesy Andrew Gounardes/Flickr. Teaser photo of Marty Golden courtesy Erica Sherman)