Dec 172012
Photo: Brian Hedden/Bay Ridge Odyssey

Photo: Brian Hedden/Bay Ridge Odyssey

Subway commuters, rejoice! The Montague Tunnel – the only East River tunnel still out-of-service since Hurricane Sandy – will reopen this week, according to a report from Ben Kabak of Second Avenue Sagas. The tunnel will allow the R-train to run past Jay Street-Metrotech all the way into Manhattan.

Thank goodness, because I was really starting to hate the transfer at Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center.

As many of Bay Ridge’s commuters already know, shortly after the subway lines had returned to almost-normal service, the MTA began a new construction inside of the Atlantic/Barclays, severely limiting pedestrian traffic flow between the D/N/R platform at Pacific Street and the rest of the station’s train platforms. I don’t know about you, but this has been a major drag on my transit morale.

Throw in the individuals to whom I will generously refer to as a religious outreach group (though anti-Semitic proselytizing nutbags seems more accurate) that like to camp out at that spot, and the musicians that park themselves nearby with the apparent blessing of the MTA’s arts-for-transit program, the whole area is a mess to walk through – I really can’t stand to go that way anymore.

So yeah – even though it will result in a slightly longer commute, I plan on making use of the thru-service R-train the minute it opens up.