Jan 102013
Image source: kthread via Flickr.

Image source: kthread via Flickr.

2013 has already proven to be an unlucky year for residents leaving their windows unlocked, as reported by Will Bredderman in the Brooklyn Paper’s police blotter.

The first break in, on January 1, occurred while the occupant was on a ski trip:

The victim said she put her friend in charge of her home at 70th Street, and left at 6 pm to go skiing. When the friend stopped by at 11 am the next day, the rear bedroom window was open.

When the victim came back on Jan. 4, she discovered that thousands of dollars in jewelry were missing from her home, along with her PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

During the second incident, which happened nearby just one day later, the thief actually managed to lock the victim out of her apartment.

The resident told cops that she left her home between 70th and 71st streets at 9 a.m. neglecting to lock her bedroom window, which opens out onto a fire escape. While she was gone, the thief made off with her iPhone 3 and 4, earrings, two watches, and her wedding ring – engaging the victim’s chain lock from inside as a final insult.