Jan 022013

In honor of all you local history buffs who know why 8th Avenue is nicknamed Lapskaus Blvd, here’s a place where it may still be possible to enjoy a bowl of the avenue’s eponymous stew:

The ever-informative Eater staff writer Brooks of Sheffield recently paid a visit to the Danish Athletic Club [741 65th Street], one of Bay Ridge’s – and New York City’s – last remaining strongholds of Scandinavian comfort cooking.

Sheffield, who also publishes the blog Lost City, apparently liked what he saw, and ate, at the schmaltzy 65th Street supper club.

From Eater:

Those who venture inside the low-slung, nondescript building on 65th Street will find some of the best (only?) Scandinavian comfort food in New York. Fish pudding, meat cakes (called Kjottkaker), pot roast, sweet and sour cabbage, perfectly boiled potatoes, cream of cauliflower soup, rice pudding. And lingonberries with everything. A bountiful, and very filling, meal can be had for under $20. In fact, it’s impossible to spend more than $20, unless you order two dinners.

The restaurant, which shares the street with the Swedish Football Club, and is mere blocks away from the Norwegian Sporting Gjøa Club, maintains an edge by virtue of being the only one of these dwindling social clubs to run a working restaurant on the premises.

Sheffield writes that during his dinner one guest “insisting on a bit of formality,” asked for the check. “It’s what it is for everybody,” host and Norway native Reidun Thompson answered from her chair. “$17.40.” “What do you need a check for?” the guest’s friend asked in disbelief. “It’s not like we’re at Hinsch’s.”

Yelp reviewer Mary B. advises calling ahead, as the club often holds private events. The phone number is (718) 748-7844.

If you’re looking for a warm, friendly place with affordable comfort food where everyone knows your name, as well as the total on your bill, then you’ll probably wanna check it out.

  • Brooke

    This place is great, the food is awesome!