Jan 282013

What a difference a couple of years can make.

Leske’s Bakery [7612 5th Ave], a neighborhood fixture which has been slinging Scandinavian treats since before many of us were born, almost closed its doors forever in 2011.

But thanks to a group of lifelong fika fans, the 50 + year-old pastry shop was able to reopen in August of 2012 to huge acclaim.

Fast forward a few more months and the kings of kringler are all set to expand to the Slope, as reported by Will Bredderman for Brooklyn Daily.

From Brooklyn Daily:

“We’re old-school Scandinavian, we do things a little bit differently, but we think we have a great product and we thought this would be a great fit for us,” said Leske’s manager and culinary consultant Harry Hawk.

Hawk said Leske’s will move into the former location of the Sweet Treasures bakery on Fifth Avenue between 16th Street and Prospect Avenue before Valentine’s Day, and plan to sell their famed marzipan cakes and kringler at the same prices as in their old spot. Hawk said the new shop will also feature romantic red velvet cakes and black-and-red cookies in honor of the Feb. 14 holiday, items that Slope residents can start ordering now.

Hawk said he likes the trendy flavor and eclectic mix of stores in Park Slope, and believes the neighborhood will welcome Leske’s with open arms — and mouths.

“I love the real foodie Brooklyn. Not only do you have centuries-old businesses, but you see all these new businesses,” Hawk told Bredderman. “That’s what really attracts me to that area. It’s diverse and wonderful, and we think they could use a great bakery.”