Feb 042013

Last Tuesday the NYPD carried out the daring rescue of a cargo ship captain suffering from a heart attack, and the entire incident was caught on video, as reported by CBS 2.

The Grey Shark, a 330-foot commercial vessel, was anchored between the Verrazano Bridge and Staten Island Ferry Terminal – not far from Ambrose Anchorage, when its pilot Captain Aly Akl reportedly suffered a heart attack.

The NYPD rushed to the ship, which a medic then boarded in order to treat its skipper.

After Detective Robert Brager confirmed that Akl’s condition had stabilized, a decision was made to airlift him off the Grey Shark for medical treatment.

An NYPD helicopter on the scene lowered a rescue basket which was used to hoist Akl up, followed by Brager.

In the above video, courtesy of insideNYPD, you can see Akl being prepped for the rescue basket – which begins at around 41 seconds, with the actual airlift taking place at approximately 3:20.

Other police involved in the rescue include Det. Ralph Gaglioti, Sgt. John O’Hara, Officer Colin Woode, and Officer Christopher Maher.

  • http://www.facebook.com/boatik Den Is

    Great job NYPD, wondering why the Coast Guard wasn’t involved in this operation?