Jul 192013
Photos: Brian Hedden/Bay Ridge Odyssey

Photos: Brian Hedden/Bay Ridge Odyssey

Mike’s Hinsch’s restaurant [8518 5th Avenue] has replaced it’s iconic neon marquee with generic, red-and-white “diner” signage. And what was supposed to be a temporary trip to the repair shop for the neon has turned into a one-way trip to the trash bin of history, according to a report by the Bay Ridge Courier’s Will Bredderman.

New owner Mike Moudatsos – the “new new” owner of the mainstay restaurant – told Bredderman that the neon sign was sent out for repairs after it had shorted during an exterior cleaning of the building last week:

But the owner said the projecting beacon… had deteriorated too severely over the decades — and actually posed a public hazard.

The old marquee certainly had a stylish, retro appeal to it, but it clearly suffered from neglect. The new marquee, while aesthetically clean, does little to differentiate itself from the chain-restaurant marquees that are clustered in that one block of 5th Avenue.

Moudatsos insisted that he plans to keep the diner much the way it was when it was just called Hinsch’s. “The place has been here 60-plus years, and people like the place, the neighborhood wants it to stay the way it is,” he told Bredderman for the Courier article.

Did the neighborhood want it to stay the same? The sudden high-turnover in ownership suggests that perhaps the neighborhood wasn’t all that keen on it the way it was. Perhaps a new start for the restaurant with the old name isn’t such a bad plan after all.

  • Resident

    When the son took it over from his father….the deterioration process began. From that point forward, it was never managed properly. He ultimately “ran” it into the ground. Now, the neighborhood has totally changed….The Skin Flint restaurateurs were not successful in turning it around primarily because the original base residents have abandoned Bay Ridge AND once a food establishment acquires a reputation of being dirty, worn, roach/rodent infested and ill-managed, it is awfully tough to create a successful establishment.

    • John

      The neighborhood has changed. People are no longer willing to put up with tired crappy food and poor service. And the slobs coming by bus and subway to shop on 86th street prefer cheap fast food. Hinsch’s died years ago, its just that the funeral was delayed.