Oct 142013
Eco-Dock Opening Set For Thursday

PARKS: The Bay Ridge Community Eco Dock is set to open this Thursday (October 17, 2013) at a ceremony at 11am, according to a notice from the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance (MWA). As a Parks Department program, the central mission of the dock at the end of the 69th Street pier is to provide recreational access to the water for residents.

Oct 132013
It’s My Park Day For Shore Road, Owl’s Head Parks Is This Saturday

PARKS: New York’s citywide twice-annual volunteer cleanup event, It’s My Park Day, will take place this spring this coming Saturday (October 19, 2013). The Shore Road Parks Conservancy is participating, and is encouraging people to show up at one of its workgroups in six locations throughout the Shore Road and Owl’s Head Parks.

Sep 092013
[UPDATED] What's A Few More Days: Eco-Dock Installation Delayed Again

PARKS AND REC: The long-awaited and long-delayed “eco-dock” planned for the end of the 69th Street pier has been delayed a few more days after the barge transporting it from its manufacturing facility didn’t arrive in New York as planned. Various media reports said that the eco-dock – manufactured off-site in Virginia – would arrive at the pier on Tuesday, September 3, following press releases from the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance and the office of Councilmember Vincent Gentile. The barge coming from Gloucester, Virginia did not arrive as planned, however, and as of Sunday, September 8, the eco-dock is still MIA.

Jun 042013
Senator Golden Announces 2013 Concert Series

EVENTS: On May 20, State Senator Marty Golden announced plans to host a series of fourteen concerts and events throughout July and August in parks located in his 22nd senate district.

Apr 232013

PARKS: Youtube poster QUEENSNY121 gives us a construction update on what’s probably the most asked about building in NYC, One World Trade Center – All from Bay Ridge’s own iconic landmark, the 69th Street Pier.

VIDEO: A Shore Thing

By on March 5, 2013  Parks
Mar 052013

PARKS: This video, by Victor Miranda, pans, zooms, and fades it way into our hearts with some beautiful scenes from Bay Ridge’s Shore Road area, including shots of the 69th Street Pier, a group of frolicking squirrels in Owl’s Head Park, and the Shore Parkway Promenade.

Oct 092012
It's My Park Day At Owl's Head Park One Week From Saturday

PARKS: As It’s My Park Day draws ever closer, make sure to sign up for the Shore Road Parks Conservancy’s contact list to get more information on sign up times and locations!

Sep 112012
Help Out A Bay Ridge Park This October 20 For "It's My Park Day"

The Shore Road Parks Conservancy is sending out the call for volunteers to assist in beautifying our parks during the autumn installment of It’s My Park Day on Saturday, October 20.

Aug 032012
Blog: Owl's Head Dog Run to close Spring, Summer 2013 for renovation

According to Steve from Bay Ridge Barks, planned improvements to the Owl’s Head Park dog run announced last year by Councilman Gentile and written about more recently by Home Reporter’s Denise Romano – while making things more pleasant for dog owners and walkers in the long run – will unfortunately close the canine-friendly space during the “peak dog time” of spring and summer 2013.

The $850,000 renovation project earmarks $200,000 for new creature comforts that include gravel, benches, fences, and water fountains.

It will also reportedly close the dog run from Spring 2013 to “sometime in the fall.”

The remaining $650, 000 will go towards making Dyker Beach Park’s dog run an official Parks Department run, as well as add similar amenities to that location.

“Dyker Beach isn’t even an official dog run, but this will make it one,” Gentile told Home Reporter. “Gravel is standard for runs – it provides more drainage to keep the area clean. There will also be brand new fencing, benches, drainage and fountains.”

According to Bay Ridge Barks, the Parks Department submitted its plan for the work to Community Board 10 in May. It was unanimously approved.

Jul 252012
Vandals Strike Narrows Botanical Garden (Again)

The Narrows Botanical Garden has become the target of vandals for the second time in as many weeks.

Narrows Board of Trustees President Richard Haugland claims that a $200 magnolia tree recently had most of its branches broken off overnight. Just a few days later, Haugland says someone sheared the bark off a sapling.

Haugland called the damage, which occurred near the garden’s entrance and shares similarities with vandalism that occurred last year, suspicious, as reported by Will Bredderman in a provocative piece for Brooklyn Daily.

An article from a few days earlier featured fellow gardener and CB10 board member Greg Ahl bemoaning the city’s refusal to build a wall as part of a pedestrian bridge project on the Belt Parkway – which abuts the community garden. Other than serving as a sound barrier, landscape designer Jimmy Johnson told Brooklyn Daily that the wall would help keep thieves and vandals out.