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The website “” and its associated content, including, but not limited to, RSS feeds and content delivered by e-mail, is an Internet publication produced by Brian Hedden (“the Publisher”). All Bay Ridge Odyssey content © 2012 Brian Hedden unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved. A license to read, store, and print Bay Ridge Odyssey is granted to you (the “Reader”) for your individual, non-commercial use.

Reader Privacy

Your privacy is important. The following section outlines the ways in which the Publisher may reasonably use the Reader’s identifying information, and what rights are reserved to the Reader.

The Publisher may collect identifying information about the Reader from all uses of Bay Ridge Odyssey, including, but not limited to, access from web browsers, RSS applications, and e-mail platforms. In this context, identifying information includes the Reader’s IP address, e-mail address, and name or pseudonym.

The Publisher may not sell, publish, or otherwise release to a third party a Reader’s identifying information, except under the following circumstances:

(1) The Publisher may use third-party vendors in the production of Bay Ridge Odyssey, including, but not limited to, service providers for Internet hosting, delivering e-mail, capturing and displaying reader comments, analyzing readership statistics, and “cloud” computing service providers. As such, those third-party vendors will have access to the Reader’s identifying information in order to perform the function for which they have been selected. The Publisher will use reasonable care in choosing such vendors and will make a review of the vendors’ policy toward Reader identifying information privacy a criteria for selection, but the Publisher is not liable for the misuse of reader information by such third-party vendors.

(2) Identifying information may be shared with third parties (such as the web host of Bay Ridge Odyssey or the web host of the Reader) to identify and take measures to prevent malicious use of Bay Ridge Odyssey (for instance, unauthorized attempts to access web site administration tools, Denial-Of-Service attacks).

(3) Identifying information may be shared with third party vendors to provide a newsletter or periodic digest published via e-mail to Reader’s who have specifically opted into that service. For clarity, such a newsletter or digest may include, but not be substantially composed of, third-party advertising or promotional content.

(4) Identifying information may be shared with government authorities if one of the following has occurred: [a] the Reader makes a physical threat against any individual, group of individuals, or property, via web site comment, e-mail message, or social media message, [b] Bay Ridge Odyssey or the Publisher is the target of criminal activity (for example, unauthorized attempts to access web site administration tools), or [c] the Publisher receives a properly executed warrant for the release of such data.

The Publisher is not liable for compromises in a Reader’s anonymity or identifying information as a result of information shared publicly by the Reader (for example, using the same Facebook or Disqus profile to comment on Bay Ridge Odyssey as is used by the Reader for other websites).

Comments Policy

Reader comments are welcomed and encouraged. However, the Publisher reserves the right to moderate comments, remove any comment, or prevent a Reader from posting a comment. By posting a comment, the Reader agrees to the following:

  • The Reader comment does not become the property of the Publisher,
  • The Reader grants the Publisher irrevocable permission to display, remove, edit, and quote the comment anywhere on Bay Ridge Odyssey,
  • The Reader will not post commercial or “spam” content,
  • The Reader will not post copyrighted content that the Reader does not have permission to post, and
  • The Reader will not post abusive, threatening, or bigoted content.

The views and opinions expressed in comments are those of the posting Reader, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or official policy of the Publisher, any other individual associated with Bay Ridge Odyssey, or other Readers. The Publisher makes no warranty of the accuracy or ownership of Reader comments.