Aug 142012

In the spirit of other successful restaurant promotions such as NYC Restaurant Week, and Dine In Brooklyn, over the next two weeks local newspapers Home Reporter and Brooklyn Spectator will be sponsoring Dine In Southwest Brooklyn.

Aug 132012
Inaugural Theater Festival Coming To Christ Church

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: Christ Church (7301 Ridge Boulevard) will be hosting the first-ever Abingdon Bay Ridge One-Act Festival on Saturday, August 25 at 7pm. The festival will be made up of readings of three new one-act plays by American playwrights.

Aug 132012
Short Walk On A Long Pier: Another jumper stopped on Verrazano

Last week, yet another emotionally distraught man attempted to leap off the Verrazano after his girlfriend reportedly told him to “go jump off a bridge,” according to the Daily News’ Sarah Armaghan.

Aug 132012

Are you or someone you know an artist who would like to learn more about applying for grants? If so, then you’re in luck, because the Brooklyn Arts Council is coming to Bay Ridge tomorrow.

Aug 102012
NY Times builds house-of-cards argument to criticize Grimm financial disclosure, Cyprus trip

POLITICS: The NY Times has questioned the timing of a House Ethics Committee filing by the office of Congressman Michael Grimm, amended to include a trip to the Republic of Cyprus funded by Panayiotis “Peter” Papanicolaou, the chairman of the Cyprus Federation of America (CFA) that was charged with bribery by federal attorneys in June. But on examination, the “questionable” part of the questionable timing doesn’t hold up.