Aug 052012
Break In Gebeli Case: NYPD says Bensonhurst murder suspect may have killed Bay Ridge shopkeeper in July

CBS is reporting that a suspect wanted in connection with the brutal murder of a well-liked Bensonhurst store owner may have also killed beloved Bay Ridge clothier Mohammed Gebeli last month.

Police sources told 1010 WINS that the .22 caliber gun used to murder 99 cent store proprietor and landlord Isaac Kadare last Thursday, was the same weapon used to take Gebeli’s life on July 6.

From CBS:

Kadare, 59, was found dead around 9 p.m. on Thursday by two customers inside the “Amazing 99 cents Deals” store in the 1800 block of 86th Street. He was found shot in the head, the Medical Examiner confirmed with CBS 2.

A $12,000 reward – including $10,000 from NYPD, and $2,000 from Crime Stoppers – is being offered for information leading to an arrest in the case. State Senator Marty Golden – who had previously put up $5,000 of a $10,000 reward for information leading to Gebeli’s killer – announced that he’ll also offer $5,000 in connection with the Kadare case.

Kadare’s family told Daily News that they believe he may have targeted because of $900 in rent money he had collected just prior to the incident.

An incoming 911 call on the night of July 6, alerted police to 65-year-old clothing store owner Mohamed Gebeli, whom a group of friends reportedly found fatally shot on the floor of Valentino Fashion [7718 5th Ave].

Aug 032012
Seen In Bay Ridge Weekender: A Nice Set O' Pipes

The accompanying image, which comes courtesy of talented local photographer David Tan, shows two bagpipers who managed to score a gig at the Summer Stroll on Third Avenue.

It was taken on July 27, 2012 using a Canon A-1 with Kodak Ekatr 100 film.

To see more of David’s praise-worthy work, please visit his photoblog at

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Aug 032012
Blog: Owl's Head Dog Run to close Spring, Summer 2013 for renovation

According to Steve from Bay Ridge Barks, planned improvements to the Owl’s Head Park dog run announced last year by Councilman Gentile and written about more recently by Home Reporter’s Denise Romano – while making things more pleasant for dog owners and walkers in the long run – will unfortunately close the canine-friendly space during the “peak dog time” of spring and summer 2013.

The $850,000 renovation project earmarks $200,000 for new creature comforts that include gravel, benches, fences, and water fountains.

It will also reportedly close the dog run from Spring 2013 to “sometime in the fall.”

The remaining $650, 000 will go towards making Dyker Beach Park’s dog run an official Parks Department run, as well as add similar amenities to that location.

“Dyker Beach isn’t even an official dog run, but this will make it one,” Gentile told Home Reporter. “Gravel is standard for runs – it provides more drainage to keep the area clean. There will also be brand new fencing, benches, drainage and fountains.”

According to Bay Ridge Barks, the Parks Department submitted its plan for the work to Community Board 10 in May. It was unanimously approved.

Aug 032012
SHOCKING REPORT: R-Train Not The Worst Subway

TRAFFIC & TRANSIT: Earlier this week, the Straphangers Campaign – a project of the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) – released it’s annual State Of The Subways report cards. And shockingly – perhaps inexplicably – Bay Ridge’s beloved R-train was not at the bottom of the list.

Aug 022012

According to New York City public education news website Gotham Schools, an alleged plan to underpay over a dozen new teachers at Fort Hamilton High School has landed the school’s principal in hot water.

The scheme, which has been under investigation for months, could make Fort Hamilton High School liable for hundreds of thousands of dollars in back pay to “desperate” jobless young teachers who agreed to work for low pay, no benefits, and little security.

From Gotham Schools:

The Department of Education’s Office of Special Investigations is in the process of investigating Jo Ann Chester, principal of the Bay Ridge school since 1999, a department spokeswoman confirmed. Sources close to the investigation say investigators have been digging into payroll practices at the 4,200-student high school since at least April. The school was already under investigation because of test scores that the city deemed suspicious.

Last week, a grievance from a teacher who had been underpaid was sustained, entitling him to back pay, union officials confirmed.

The scheme purportedly allowed Chester a way around a three-year-old hiring freeze, and prevented the school from being sent short-term substitute instructors from the Absent Teacher Reserve – a pool of city teachers without permanent positions.

Aug 022012

A huge sinkhole that opened up yesterday on 79th Street between 5th Avenue and 4th Avenue is being blamed on the failure of a 50 inch sewer pipe.

The large cavity nearly enveloped a car as it opened up a 20-foot section of asphalt, according to CBS 2.

1010 Wins reporter Joe Montone spoke with Annette Flood, who says she parked her car near the hole shortly before the ground gave way.

“We narrowly missed being involved in something worse,” she said.

At least one Youtube video, apparently shot by a neighbor, shows emergency workers preparing to “delicately” pull the car away from the chasm. According to reports, crews rigged a device together, seemingly using a collection of randomly available parts – including a band to wrap around the car.

“They put a band around the middle of it,” Flood said. ”I really don’t know how they got it out, but they did.”

Officials from the the Department of Environmental Protection [DEP] cited a busted 112-year-old sewer pipe as the cause of the cavity.

Aug 012012
Marie Roberts Show At The Art Room This Saturday

This is just a reminder that Coney Island USA artist-in-residence Marie Roberts will be showcasing 15 years of her colorful side show images at the Art Room [8710 3rd Ave] this coming Saturday.

On Saturday, August 4, from 6 to 9 p.m., attendees can expect to be treated to a piece of living Southern Brooklyn history in the form of Roberts’ art, as well as an appearance by magician, strongman, and world-famous sideshow performer Adam Real Man.

After opening night, private showings of Marie Roberts’ work will be available by appointment only through August 24.

Aug 012012

It wasn’t long after neighbors learned that a vacant raccoon-infested house on 79th Street would be demolished that Councilman Vincent Gentile, and State Senator Marty Golden both began to take credit for it. And not in the “caring means sharing” kind of way either.

In an article posted yesterday on Brooklyn Paper’s website, Will Bredderman writes that just “moments after the city’s Housing, Preservation, and Development announced its plans to condemn the derelict house between Third Avenue and Ridge Boulevard, Golden (R–Bay Ridge) put out a press release claiming responsibility for the decision.”

The statement put out by Golden’s office, which made the claim that they have worked “over the years to see that this property is regularly inspected and conditions are checked by the Health and Buildings Departments,” lead Councilman Gentile – who says he has recently spent time tracking down the property’s owner, to fire off a statement of his own.

Jul 312012

Fort Hamilton Army Base’s new commanding officer Colonel Eluyn Ginés, who had previously served two tours of duty in Iraq, was welcomed during a “Change of Command” ceremony last Wednesday, writes Paula Katinas for the Brooklyn Eagle.

Ginés takes the place of Col. Michael Gould, who presided over Fort Hamilton for the last two years. Gould was recently reassigned to a Pentagon post in Washington, D.C.