68th precinct

May 302013
NYPD Approves Two Security Camera Locations For Bay Ridge

NEWS: After neighbors complained to city officials about drug-dealing and occasional violent crime – including a recent shooting – on Bay Ridge’s Fifth Avenue, a plan to place police security cameras on the commercial stretch recently came one step closer to fruition.

Apr 302013
[UPDATED] Shooting On "Drug Dealing" Stretch Of Fifth Avenue Prompts Call For Police Security Cameras

NEWS: A man was shot last Wednesday along the same stretch of Fifth Avenue where local leaders are requesting an NYPD surveillance camera to combat drug dealing.

Apr 242013
While Statistically Down, Burglaries Continue In Dyker Heights

NEWS: Will Bredderman notes in last week’s Brooklyn Paper that burglaries and robberies continue to be a problem for the 68th Precinct – even as statistics place both crimes at historical lows.

Apr 192013
Arrest In Bogus Bomb Incident

NEWS: A 14-year-old suspect was arrested yesterday in connection with the propane tank that was made to look like a bomb and left on retired firefighter Ed Green’s front porch late Tuesday night.

Apr 172013
[UPDATED] Fake Bomb Brings Police, Bomb Squad To Retired Firefighter's Home

NEWS: A fake bomb was apparently left in front of a retired firefighter’s home early Wednesday, drawing scores of police – including bomb squad personnel – to the the streets of Bay Ridge.

Mar 282013
Dyker Heights Apartment Burglarized As Fire Escape Break-Ins Continue To Plague 6-8

NEWS: Jewelry and electronics continue to disappear from area homes, as a series of break-ins plague the 68th Precinct, which covers both Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge.

Mar 122013
NYPD Officer Charged With DWI In Bay Ridge

NEWS: An off-duty New York City police officer was arrested this past weekend and charged with driving under the influence on the streets of Bay Ridge. This arrest come on the heels of several high profile and heart-breaking fatal crashes – including one involving an on-duty NYPD officer, and as NYPD officials respond to widespread public outcry by announcing a series of sweeping changes to crash investigations.

Feb 282013
Pedestrian Rage Justified: Reporter Clocks 4th Ave Driver At 68 MPH

TRAFFIC & TRANSIT: Brooklyn Paper’s Will Bredderman recently used a radar gun to check out how many drivers are actually following 4th Avenue’s posted speed limit of 30 miles per hour. The answer: Very few.

Jan 252013
Following National Trend, NYC Murder Rate Drops To All-Time Low

NEWS: Murder, which is believed to be the most difficult crime statistic to fake, has once again fallen to an all-time low in New York City, with homicides at a 52 year low for Brooklyn.

Oct 152012
Three More Sentenced In 6-8 Precinct Gun-Running Scandal

NEWS: Three disgraced Bay Ridge police officers will be spending Christmas behind bars for the next couple of years, after they were sentenced by a Brooklyn judge for gun-running.