Feb 252013
Community Board 10 To Discuss Summer Streets, Club Cats Tonight At General Meeting

NEWS: Community Board 10 holds its general meeting tonight at the Knights of Columbus. And oh, my – have they got quite a line-up planned for tonight. The public hearing on the Capital and Expense Priorities for fiscal Year 2014 – to be promptly overridden by Mayor Bloomberg. Club Cats LLC explained to the Police/Safety subcommittee that they’re totally not at all like the Amnesia dance club, even if they’re still using the same SLA license. Plus, the Summer Stroll returns (as Summer Streets).

Dec 202012
Déjà Vu? Amnesia 'Forgets' Name, Pretends To Be Another Business

BUSINESS: In the latest chapter in the saga of mighty morphin’ 4th Avenue nightclub Amnesia, it seems the nightspot’s owners have found yet another way to get around applying for a cabaret license.

Sep 112012
Why won't Amnesia get its cabaret license? No, seriously. Why?

SHOPPING & COMMERCE: I’m going to make a possibly unpopular argument and say that the Amnesia dance club (10007 4th Avenue) should be allowed to operate, in spite of what Community Board 10 has to say. But not if they refuse to seek out a cabaret license, which we have demonstrated time and time again is with the night club’s reach, if they’d only try.

Feb 242012
Monday: Community Board 10 meeting at Knights of Columbus

BAY RIDGE, EVENTS: On Monday night, Community Board 10 will meet at Knights of Columbus (1305 86th Street). Among the topics for discussion will be the Third Avenue Summer Stroll program and the cabaret license application for Amnesia nightclub. The Police & Public Safety committee voted last week against recommending a cabaret license for Amnesia. However, even if the full board follows suit, the final determination is made by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, which is not obligated to follow the recommendation of the Community Board.

Feb 232012
Dancing license for Amnesia may be granted over community objection, says recent history

BAY RIDGE, FOOD & DRINK: When they meet next Monday at the Knights of Columbus, one of the issues facing the members of Community Board 10 will be the cabaret license application that would legally allow dancing inside of the Amnesia nightclub (10007 4th Avenue). Backed by strong opposition from residents near the club, the Board’s Police & Public Safety Committee voted against the application, and one might expect the full Board to follow suit. But that and a pre-paid cell phone will get you a call with someone who cares, just as long as you’re not calling the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, which has granted licenses against Board wishes elsewhere in Brooklyn in recent years.

Feb 162012
Cabaret license for Amnesia nighclub faces opposition from neighbors, Community Board

BAY RIDGE, FOOD & DRINK: A cabaret license application for the Amnesia nightclub (10007 4th Avenue) is facing stiff opposition from neighbors, who spoke out against the club at a Community Board 10 sub-committee meeting Wednesday night. Citing community complaints, adverse history, and the fact that Amnesia has already been operating as a dance club without a cabaret license, the Police & Public Safety Committee voted to recommend rejecting Amnesia’s cabaret application. See community complains, the club representative’s response, and some background on NYC cabaret and dancing laws.