Aug 012012
Marie Roberts Show At The Art Room This Saturday

This is just a reminder that Coney Island USA artist-in-residence Marie Roberts will be showcasing 15 years of her colorful side show images at the Art Room [8710 3rd Ave] this coming Saturday.

On Saturday, August 4, from 6 to 9 p.m., attendees can expect to be treated to a piece of living Southern Brooklyn history in the form of Roberts’ art, as well as an appearance by magician, strongman, and world-famous sideshow performer Adam Real Man.

After opening night, private showings of Marie Roberts’ work will be available by appointment only through August 24.

Jul 172012
15 Years Of Coney Island Art Comes To Bay Ridge August 4

In just over three weeks the magical, carnie spirit of Coney Island will come alive inside of a Bay Ridge art space.

On Saturday, August 4, Coney Island USA artist-in-residence Marie Roberts will be showing 15 years of her colorful, imagistic sideshow banners at the Art Room [8710 3rd Ave].

Jun 072012

The Bay Ridge Union Center for the Arts [8101 Ridge Blvd], or BRUCA, will be holding their open house, as well as a sale of original studio creations, this Saturday, June 9, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Anyone considering taking a class at the facility – which bills itself as “the place for the [...]

May 172012
5th Avenue SAW Opens Tomorrow!

The annual Storefront Artists’ Walk (SAW) – an emerging Bay Ridge tradition – is gearing up for its third year on 5th Avenue. It all starts on Friday, May 18 – which is tomorrow [!], and according to co-founder John Avelluto, it’s looking even better than the two years before. We had a chance to [...]