May 022013
Burglar Makes Quick Work Of Three Ovington Avenue Apartments With Unlocked Windows

NEWS: In this week’s Brooklyn Paper, Will Bredderman brings us three more tales of woe, all of which may have been prevented with something as simple as a secured window.

Apr 242013
While Statistically Down, Burglaries Continue In Dyker Heights

NEWS: Will Bredderman notes in last week’s Brooklyn Paper that burglaries and robberies continue to be a problem for the 68th Precinct – even as statistics place both crimes at historical lows.

Mar 282013
Dyker Heights Apartment Burglarized As Fire Escape Break-Ins Continue To Plague 6-8

NEWS: Jewelry and electronics continue to disappear from area homes, as a series of break-ins plague the 68th Precinct, which covers both Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge.

Feb 062013
Thousands In Jewelry, Electronics Stolen From 13th Ave Apartment

NEWS: In details that resemble lyrics from the Twelve Days of Christmas, Brooklyn Paper’s Will Bredderman is reporting that a sticky-fingered slime bag stole thousands in jewelry and electronics from a 13th Avenue apartment on January 28.

Sep 212012
Alotta Bread: Burglar makes off with $22,800 haul from (not so) secret oven cash stash

The world’s most intuitive thief – or more likely one with intimate knowledge of a secret cache of cash and jewelery – walked away from a Dyker Heights apartment with $22,800 worth of greenbacks and goods on September 12.