councilman vincent gentile

Feb 112013

NEWS: At yesterday’s Stated Meeting, Councilman Vincent J. Gentile joined his colleagues led by Council Speaker Christine Quinn to authorize a study into the feasibility of burying overhead power lines underground in order to keep New Yorkers safe during severe weather emergencies.

Jan 242013
Gentile Sponsors Legislation To Protect Unemployed From Job Discrimination

BUSINESS: Tomorrow City Council Members are expected to pass legislation, sponsored by Bay Ridge Councilman Vincent Gentile, meant to prohibit employers from discriminating against the unemployed.

Nov 292012
Gentile To MTA: Stop Verrazano Toll Hike, Waive Fares For Hurricane Relief Workers, Bring 'Discount Equity' To Southwest Brooklyn

TRAFFIC & TRANSIT: At a public hearing yesterday on Staten Island, City Councilman Vincent Gentile spoke out against a proposed Verrazano Bridge toll hike, and called on MTA officials to waive fares for Hurricane Sandy relief workers driving in from Brooklyn.

Aug 222012
Vendy Awards Name Food Cart Vendor Most Heroic, Despite Alleged Illegality

Despite allegations of operating illegally, local food cart owner Sammy Kassen will be honored with the title of 2012′s “Most Heroic Vendor” at the Urban Justice Center’s annual Vendy Awards.

Jul 262012
Councilman Gentile Announces Free Air Conditioners For Low Income New Yorkers With Medical Conditions

Councilman Vincent J. Gentile applauded Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today for setting aside $3 million in funding through the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) to assist low-income New Yorkers whose health issues pose a medical emergency during the hot months of summer.

Jul 182012
Marty Golden To MTA: Consider discount toll passes for Verrazano

With the MTA’s financial picture looking rosier, and with service restoration on this year’s budget agenda, local pols are asking the transit authority for a slice of that proverbial pie on behalf of Bay Ridge drivers.

State Senator Marty Golden put out a press release yesterday calling on MTA officials to consider extending a version of the so-called Staten Island discount to Brooklyn commuters.

Under Golden’s proposal, enrolled E-Z Pass users with non-commercial plates would only pay full price for their first three trips over the Verrazano, and $4.75 afterwards.

Golden’s office included part of a letter sent to MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota in the statement:

Jul 132012
Dollar Democracy: ConEd donates 250K to pro-Cuomo lobbying group

Could 250 grand stand in the way of an end to the ConEd lockout? Last night the Wall Street Journal’s Jacob Gershman and Anjali Athavaley reported that Consolidated Edison has gifted $250,000 to The Committee To Save New York, a pro-Governor Andrew Cuomo lobbying group that’s come under recent scrutiny regarding a $2 million donation it [...]

Jul 122012
Gentile Stands In Solidarity With ConEd Workers, Commends Speaker Quinn For Demanding Solution, End To Lockout

The following is a press release from the office of City Councilman Vincent Gentile: COUNCILMAN GENTILE STANDS IN SOLIDARITY WITH UWUA LOCAL 1-2; COMMENDS SPEAKER QUINN FOR DEMANDING CONED FIND SOLUTION TO LABOR DISPUTE BAY RIDGE– Struggling with its first work stoppage in nearly three decades, while desperately trying to keep the electricity grid running [...]