Diane Savino

Dec 062012
State Senate Announces 'Unprecedented' Power Sharing Deal Between GOP And Independent Dems

POLITICS: In a surprise move, five members of the State Senate’s breakaway “Independent Democratic Conference” have decided to join their Republican counterparts in a “historic bipartisan partnership.”

Nov 162012
Balance Of State Senate Hinges On Savino, Independent Democrats

POLITICS: The November 6 election saw the Democratic party make gains in the State Senate – it currently holds a 31-30 edge over Republicans in the Legislature’s upper chamber, and Democratic candidates are leading in two additional races that have yet to be called. However, newly-elected Brooklyn Democrat Simcha Felder has already stated his intention to caucus with the Republican leadership. So if Democrats hold onto their leads in the remaining two races, control of the chamber will depend on a group of four Democrats that broke away from their caucus last term – a group that includes State Senator Diane Savino.

Nov 072012
Local Bay Ridge Election Results

1:00am, November 7 – Declared winners in Bay Ridge so far are all incumbents – Representatives Michael Grimm and Jerry Nadler, State Senator Diane Savino, and Assemblyman Felix Ortiz. 1:30am, November 7 – State Senator Marty Golden and Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis have also been declared winners in their reelection bids. 1:55am, November 7 – Alec [...]

Jul 302012
Local Pols Push For Bay Ridge, Coney Island Ferries

Terrestrial forms of transportation have always proved a challenge in New York City. After all, a densely populated metropolis occupying several islands – in addition to the mainland United States, has often called for bridges, tunnels, and trams where other settlements built simple overland roads.

However, with our aging transportation infrastructure struggles to keep up with population growth, New York – and Brooklyn’s – legacy as home to one of the world’s largest natural harbors, could prove a help rather than a hindrance in the quest for a more efficient and diversified mass transit system.

A bipartisan group of local elected officials, including Democrats such as State Senator Diane Savino, State Assemblymen Alec Brook-Krasny and Steve Cymbowitz, City Councilman Vincent Gentile, as well as Republican Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, are calling for the very popular East River Ferry service to be expanded to Southern Brooklyn, writes Paul Katinas in a *moving* article for the Brooklyn Eagle.

Apr 252012
Seven things I thought after finally watching part of a Brooklyn 11223 episode

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: #6 – I’m still offended more by the rally against Brooklyn 11223 than I am by the existence of a vapid TV show that nominally takes place in Brooklyn, and I blame the politicians for that. The call from Diane Savino and Carlo Scissura to boycott businesses that allowed Oxygen’s camera crews on their premises was particularly distasteful. The women who stood at the front of that rally came to talk about the positive contributions they and their peers have made in Bay Ridge, not to turn against other members of their business community. It was flat-out wrong for Savino and Scissura to involve them in that. Vincent Gentile did not make any boycott call himself, but as the event organizer, he should have been more mindful and thoughtful about the messaging.

Mar 062012
After Brooklyn 11223 boycott call, area booksellers host signings by stars from Mob Wives, Jersey Shore

BAY RIDGE, DYKER HEIGHTS, ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: Two weeks ago, Councilman Vincent Gentile rallied the community against upcoming Oxygen Network reality show Brooklyn 11223. The speakers at the press conference drew several negative comparisons between the upcoming show and established reality shows Mob Wives and Jersey Shore for their negative portrayal of women and Italian-Americans, with calls for a boycott of business that support the new show. It seems, however, that two of the area’s booksellers either did not get the message, do not support such a boycott, or are taking the narrow interpretation that the boycott applies only to Brooklyn 11223, and not its spiritual predecessors, as stars from both Mob Wives and Jersey Shore will be making book signing appearances here over the next few weeks.

Mar 012012
Travel Channel adds new Brooklyn-based reality show as pols, businesswomen denounce '11223'

BAY RIDGE, BENSONHURST, ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: On March 7, the Travel Channel will premiere it’s new show, Slice of Brooklyn, based on Brooklynite Tony Muia and his pizza-centric bus tours of the same name. Meanwhile, Councilman Vincent Gentile organized a press conference featuring Bay Ridge’s leading businesswomen this past Monday to denounce the broadcast of Oxygen’s Brooklyn 11223.

Jan 272012
Redistricting: "A baby alien popping out of a stomach," and other mild reactions

BAY RIDGE, DYKER HEIGHTS, POLITICS: The proposed Assembly and State Senate districts for elections beginning this November were released yesterday. No one was very happy, especially with the Senate districts. Especially us. The good news is, districts currently covering Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights don’t become much more gerrymandered than they were in the first place.