disaster relief

Jan 152013

NEWS: Reaching Out Community Services executive director Thomas Neve joins Gerritsen Beach Cares to speak out for people whose lives have yet to return to normal more than two months since Superstorm Sandy wrought havoc on coastal communities like Gerritsen Beach.

Dec 202012
Bay Ridge Kitchen Now Accepting Donations Through Fresh Direct!

NEWS: The call went out yesterday on Occupy Sandy’s website that the relief group’s Bay Ridge Kitchen is running low on both food and supplies. Fortunately for hurricane victims who rely on the 2000+ meals prepared daily at St. Johns Episcopal Church [461 99th Street], donating has never been easier.

Dec 142012
Seen In Bay Ridge Weekender: Occupy Sandy's Bay Ridge Kitchen

Seen In Photos: This week’s photo shows volunteers hard at work in Occupy Sandy’s Bay Ridge kitchen at St. John’s Episcopal Church [9818 Fort Hamilton Pkwy].

Dec 122012
CB 11 Chair And Ft. Hamilton Advocate Says Sandy Will Save Base From Budget Ax

NEWS: According to one local activist, Fort Hamilton has proven itself to be a vital facility for relief operations in the wake of Superstorm Sandy – a fact that should save the installation from federal budget cuts.

Dec 112012
Video Shows Just How Much 'Bay Ridge Cares'

NEWS: In this truly heartwarming story by BKIndependentTV, Bay Ridge Cares cooks nourishing meals for residents of areas hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

Nov 272012
Hurricane Sandy To Cost NYC $19 Billion, NYS $42 Billion

NEWS: Yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo placed the monetary value of Hurricane Sandy’s damage to New York State at $32 billion, not including an additional request of over $9 billion in mitigation and prevention funds for future storms.