fifth avenue

Jun 212013
Seen In Bay Ridge Weekender: Fifth Avenue Festival

SEEN IN PHOTOS: This week’s photos, taken on June 2, shows some random scenes from this year’s Fifth Avenue Festival. The Fifth Avenue Festival, which is every June, gives Bay Ridge residents a chance to welcome summer and meet their neighbors.

Jun 112013

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: On the list of things I’m grateful for on a slow news day, user-made Youtube videos of Bay Ridge rank right at the top. In the accompanying video, Youtube user lugeyps3 takes viewers on a brief but concise tour of this year’s Fifth Avenue Festival.

May 302013
NYPD Approves Two Security Camera Locations For Bay Ridge

NEWS: After neighbors complained to city officials about drug-dealing and occasional violent crime – including a recent shooting – on Bay Ridge’s Fifth Avenue, a plan to place police security cameras on the commercial stretch recently came one step closer to fruition.

May 022013
Burglar Makes Quick Work Of Three Ovington Avenue Apartments With Unlocked Windows

NEWS: In this week’s Brooklyn Paper, Will Bredderman brings us three more tales of woe, all of which may have been prevented with something as simple as a secured window.

Apr 302013
[UPDATED] Shooting On "Drug Dealing" Stretch Of Fifth Avenue Prompts Call For Police Security Cameras

NEWS: A man was shot last Wednesday along the same stretch of Fifth Avenue where local leaders are requesting an NYPD surveillance camera to combat drug dealing.

Apr 192013
Arrest In Bogus Bomb Incident

NEWS: A 14-year-old suspect was arrested yesterday in connection with the propane tank that was made to look like a bomb and left on retired firefighter Ed Green’s front porch late Tuesday night.

Apr 172013
[UPDATED] Fake Bomb Brings Police, Bomb Squad To Retired Firefighter's Home

NEWS: A fake bomb was apparently left in front of a retired firefighter’s home early Wednesday, drawing scores of police – including bomb squad personnel – to the the streets of Bay Ridge.

Apr 042013
Another Pedestrian Struck By Car Near Intersection Of Two Treacherous Streets

NEWS: Another pedestrian was struck by a car in Bay Ridge on April 1, near the intersection of Fourth Avenue and 86th Street – two thoroughfares that have recently proved treacherous for pedestrians – as elected officials and the general public debate over which measures will best mitigate danger and improve safety on our streets.

Feb 012013
Hinsch's Saved [For Now]!

FOOD & DRINK: According to Brooklyn Paper’s Will Bredderman, neighborhood institution Hinsch’s, which was expected to close March 1, has dodged the figurative bullet and will in fact remain on 5th Avenue for the foreseeable future, with owner Roger Desmond re-tooling the place for the nighttime date crowd.