Fort Hamilton Parkway

Mar 052013
State Senate Votes For Stricter Hit-And-Run Legislation, As Neighbors Remember Two Innocent Victims

NEWS: As the New York State Legislature works on new, harsher penalties for hit-and-run drivers, Bay Ridge remembers two innocent victims.

Dec 202012
Bay Ridge Kitchen Now Accepting Donations Through Fresh Direct!

NEWS: The call went out yesterday on Occupy Sandy’s website that the relief group’s Bay Ridge Kitchen is running low on both food and supplies. Fortunately for hurricane victims who rely on the 2000+ meals prepared daily at St. Johns Episcopal Church [461 99th Street], donating has never been easier.

Dec 142012
Seen In Bay Ridge Weekender: Occupy Sandy's Bay Ridge Kitchen

Seen In Photos: This week’s photo shows volunteers hard at work in Occupy Sandy’s Bay Ridge kitchen at St. John’s Episcopal Church [9818 Fort Hamilton Pkwy].

Sep 272012
CB 10 Offers Alternative To DOT-Planned Bike Lanes

Traffic & Transit: While CB 10 members has warmed to the notion of a more bike-friendly future, they’re still unhappy with the locations the DOT has chosen for the “hundreds of miles” of bike lanes it plans to add to Brooklyn neighborhoods over the next few years.

Jul 112012

We’ve heard from multiple sources that there is SWAT team activity going on this morning in the vicinity of 86th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway, apparently on the block between Ft. Hamilton Pkwy and 5th Avenue. Residents of an apartment building on Ft. Hamilton Pkwy and 86th Street are also reportedly not being allowed inside [...]

Jun 192012

Last Thursday, police said they were questioning a man in connection with a sexual assault inside the N Train’s Fort Hamilton Parkway Station on May 31, according to NBC. The man they were questioning was named in some news reports, but not others. Police say the suspect appears to be in his early to mid [...]

May 222012

The Home Reporter’s Denise Romano is inviting readers to commence their Memorial Day Weekend by catching a performance of the U.S. Army Soldier Show this Friday, May 25, at Bay Ridge’s own Fort Hamilton Army Base. The show, called Army Strong, is free, open to the public and set to play at 2 p.m. and [...]

Nov 182011
Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights Commercial Avenues To See 7-Day Trash Pickup, 18th Avenue To See None

BAY RIDGE, DYKER HEIGHTS, BENSONHURST, GENERAL NEWS: Three neighborhoods, two very different tales of handling trash pickup on commercial streets.