Justin Brannan

Jul 112013
R-Train Passengers Unite! Riders Alliance throws informational happy hour as it seeks new allies

TRAFFIC & TRANSIT: While thoughts of a daily commute via the R-train may regularly inspire alcohol consumption by those living along the Fourth Avenue Local, news of a year-long closure of the Montague Street tunnel recently spawned an “informational happy hour” sponsored by the Riders Alliance at Greenhouse Cafe [7717 3rd Ave] June 27.

Mar 262013
City Plans To Narrow Fourth Avenue As Golden, PBA Lobby Against Gentile-Backed Speed Camera Program

TRAFFIC & TRANSIT: As the NYC Department of Transportation unveils a series of traffic-calming measures for Fourth Avenue to mixed reactions, State Senator Marty Golden and the police union are lobbying Albany lawmakers to nix a speed camera demonstration program previously approved by the New York State Assembly.

Dec 112012
Video Shows Just How Much 'Bay Ridge Cares'

NEWS: In this truly heartwarming story by BKIndependentTV, Bay Ridge Cares cooks nourishing meals for residents of areas hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

Jun 192012

Vice Magazine has published a story on one local politico who was reminded of his past as a teenage musician in an unusual way – in the form of a prize-winning photograph of a soldier wounded in a Iraq. An war image by photographer Laura Rauch of a wounded soldier being MedEvac-ed out of an [...]

May 182012
Councilman Gentile's Office Calls For Level Playing Field Between Food Carts, Storefront Businesses

SHOPPING & COMMERCE: “Plain and simple: we need to level the playing field.” That’s what Justin Brannan, press secretary for Councilman Vincent Gentile, said to us when asked to comment on last week’s developments in the conflict between Bay Ridge’s food carts and brick-and-mortar restaurants. Councilman Gentile has often been reported as opposing food carts in the BID, and made comments on the issue at the Community Board 10 general meeting in April. We reached out to Brannan, wanting to know what specific proposals the Councilman was offering. All of this, plus a report from Community Board 10 chairperson Joanne Seminara, a statement from the attorney of halal food cart operator Sammy Kassen, and an excerpt from a 2011 Wall Street Journal article highlighting the black market for mobile food vending permits.

May 012012
Bay Ridge Democrats meet tonight in support of fair elections, against big money in campaign finance

POLITICS: On the same day that Occupy Wall Street protestors stage a May Day general strike, the Bay Ridge Democrats, Brooklyn Chapter of the Working Families Party, Citizens Action NY, Common Cause, and MoveOn Brooklyn will meet at Longbow Pub & Pantry to kick-off a month-long push for “Fair Elections” – public financing of campaigns, lower campaign contribution limits and an end to pay-to-play politics – in New York State.