Jun 272013
North American Producers Calls On MTA To Reconsider Using Chinese Steel On Verrazano

BUSINESS: The American Iron and Steel Institute [AISI] – an association of North American steel producers – is asking the Metropolitan Transit Authority to reconsider their decision to use 15,000 tons of steel plate made in China for an upper deck replacement project on the Verrazano Narrows Bridge planned to begin next year.

Jun 062013
R-Train Riders Take Another One In The Firebox, Montague Tunnel To Close For A Year

TRANSIT: since direct Brooklyn-to-Manhattan service was restored on the R-train in December, things just haven’t been quite right. All sorts of delays, signal problems, other bad stuff. The line was restored, yes… but it wasn’t really fixed. Metals and delicate electronics that were subjected to an extended salt-water bath are breaking down at an accelerated pace, and no amount of FASTRACKs will allow the MTA to keep up. So the transit agency will close the Montague Tunnel between Brooklyn and Manhattan for 14 months, starting in August.

Apr 292013
Heads-Up: No Overnight R-Trains Next Week!

TRANSIT: Take note, subway riders – the MTA’s Fastrack maintenance program is coming to Bay Ridge, so you better be tucked in early that night. For four weeknights from Monday, May 6 through Thursday, May 9, there will be no R-trains between 36th Street and 95th Street starting at 10pm. The shutdown lasts until 5am the next morning.

Apr 262013
MAKE THIS HAPPEN: B37 Bus To St. George, Staten Island!

TRANSIT: Transit advocates want to bring back the B37, but the more pressing need is improving the transit options that connect Brooklyn with Staten Island. Oh, look – we made a map that brings back the B37 with an extension to St. George. Aren’t we clever? (And don’t think for a minute that we aren’t very, very serious about this.)

Apr 182013
Man Accused In Shopkeeper Slayings Says He Has Alibi

NEWS: A clothing salesman accused in the serial slayings of three Brooklyn shopkeepers – including beloved Bay Ridge clothier and family man Mohamed Gebeli – says MTA subway security video will prove he’s innocent of at least one of the murders.

Apr 162013
R-Train Riders Say Court Street Station Could Use Post Sandy Cleanup

TRAFFIC & TRANSIT: While R-train riders in Bay Ridge have to put up with messy local stations that let in the elements, commuters say the conditions at one Downtown Brooklyn stop remain downright disgusting more than six months after Hurricane Sandy flooded the platform.

Apr 022013
Petition Renews Campaign For Bike/Pedestrian Pathways On Verrazano

TRAFFIC & TRANSIT: Six months after Transportation Alternatives proposed bike and pedestrian lanes on the Verrazano Bridge as part of their Harbor Ring project, supporters of the idea have begun a petition on website in order to help gain some much-needed traction, as well as the attention of Governor Andrew Cuomo.