Apr 182013
Man Accused In Shopkeeper Slayings Says He Has Alibi

NEWS: A clothing salesman accused in the serial slayings of three Brooklyn shopkeepers – including beloved Bay Ridge clothier and family man Mohamed Gebeli – says MTA subway security video will prove he’s innocent of at least one of the murders.

Jan 252013
Following National Trend, NYC Murder Rate Drops To All-Time Low

NEWS: Murder, which is believed to be the most difficult crime statistic to fake, has once again fallen to an all-time low in New York City, with homicides at a 52 year low for Brooklyn.

Nov 282012
Alleged Gunman Indicted In Shopkeeper Killings

NEWS: The suspect in the murder of Bay Ridge clothier Mohamed Gebeli, as well as two other Brooklyn shopkeepers, was indicted yesterday on first degree murder charges.

Nov 262012
Neighbors, Cops Describe Shopkeeper Killing Suspect's Delusions Of Grandeur

NEWS: The neighbors of triple murder suspect Salvatore Perrone painted a picture of an unhinged man whose off-putting behavior included posing as a retired police detective.

Aug 072012
Pair Sought For Questioning In Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst Murders

A man and woman are currently being sought for questioning are currently being sought for questioning in connection with the two related murders of beloved store owners Mohamed Gebeli and Isaac Kedare.

Police sources told NBC that the pair are not currently considered suspects, but may have information concerning both cases.

In addition to being killed with the same .22 caliber gun, both victims are of Egyptian decent, and were draped in “clothing or material” after being shot.

According to NBC, one theory investigators are looking into is that the killer may have mixed up the address number of his intended victim. Kedare’s 99 cents store’s address is 1877 86th Street. Gebeli’s mens clothing shop is located about a mile away, at 7718 5th Avenue.

Aug 052012
Break In Gebeli Case: NYPD says Bensonhurst murder suspect may have killed Bay Ridge shopkeeper in July

CBS is reporting that a suspect wanted in connection with the brutal murder of a well-liked Bensonhurst store owner may have also killed beloved Bay Ridge clothier Mohammed Gebeli last month.

Police sources told 1010 WINS that the .22 caliber gun used to murder 99 cent store proprietor and landlord Isaac Kadare last Thursday, was the same weapon used to take Gebeli’s life on July 6.

From CBS:

Kadare, 59, was found dead around 9 p.m. on Thursday by two customers inside the “Amazing 99 cents Deals” store in the 1800 block of 86th Street. He was found shot in the head, the Medical Examiner confirmed with CBS 2.

A $12,000 reward – including $10,000 from NYPD, and $2,000 from Crime Stoppers – is being offered for information leading to an arrest in the case. State Senator Marty Golden – who had previously put up $5,000 of a $10,000 reward for information leading to Gebeli’s killer – announced that he’ll also offer $5,000 in connection with the Kadare case.

Kadare’s family told Daily News that they believe he may have targeted because of $900 in rent money he had collected just prior to the incident.

An incoming 911 call on the night of July 6, alerted police to 65-year-old clothing store owner Mohamed Gebeli, whom a group of friends reportedly found fatally shot on the floor of Valentino Fashion [7718 5th Ave].

Jul 302012

Last Friday, News 12 Brooklyn reported that the family of slain clothing store owner Mohamed Gebeli, along with State Senator Marty Golden – who is a retired NYPD officer, and local business owner Habib Joudeh, gathered in front of Valentino Fashion [7718 5th Ave], to renew the call for neighbors to help in the search for a suspect.

Police say they still have no leads, and neighbors have yet to come forward with any clues.

Joudeh, the owner of Pharmacy On Fifth [6914 5th Ave] who had joined Golden in amassing a $10,000 reward for information leading to a break in the Gebeli murder case, expressed the community’s condolences and along with Senator, made it clear that the murderer must be brought to justice.

“His life was cut short and now we must make sure that justice is served, and he did not die on vain,” Golden told reporters.

“Mohammed was a friend and we all lost him,” Joudeh said as he, as well as Gebeli family and friends pledged to continue to seek answers.

An incoming 911 call on July 6, alerted police to 65-year-old clothier Mohamed Gebeli, whom friends reportedly found unconscious on the floor of Valentino Fashion, which Gebeli had owned and operated for four years.

Jul 122012
Concern For Gebeli Family, Business Grows As Hunt For Killer Of Beloved Shopkeeper Continues

As the NYPD continues its search for the killer(s) of beloved local clothing merchant Mohamed Gebeli, businesses owners and residents remain both nervous and concerned, reports Paul Katinas for the Brooklyn Eagle. Unfortunately, as of press time police were still left with “no suspects and no motive” in the case. In the aftermath of the [...]

Jul 092012

The identity of a local business owner who matched the $5,000 reward offered by State Senator Marty Golden for information leading to an arrest in the murder of beloved clothing shop proprietor Mohamed Gebeli, has been revealed. Jessica Bakeman is reporting on website Politics on the Hudson that Habib Joudeh – the owner of Pharmacy [...]

Jul 092012
Store Owner Murdered: Proprietor of Valentino Fashion Found Shot, $10,000 Reward Offered

Investigators are currently looking for suspects in the killing of a local business owner. Police say an incoming 911 call on Friday night alerted them to 65-year-old clothier Mohamed Gebeli, whom the caller reportedly found unconscious on the floor of Gebeli’s store Valentino Fashion [7718 5th Ave]. After it was discovered Gebeli had been shot [...]