narrows botanical garden

Sep 072012
Tonight: Watch Groundbreaking 1950s Sci-fi Film "Forbidden Planet" At Narrows Botanical Garden

There will be a special outdoor screening of the 1950s Science Fiction classic Forbidden Planet at the Narrows Botanical Garden on Friday, September 7, beginning at 8 p.m.

Jul 252012
Vandals Strike Narrows Botanical Garden (Again)

The Narrows Botanical Garden has become the target of vandals for the second time in as many weeks.

Narrows Board of Trustees President Richard Haugland claims that a $200 magnolia tree recently had most of its branches broken off overnight. Just a few days later, Haugland says someone sheared the bark off a sapling.

Haugland called the damage, which occurred near the garden’s entrance and shares similarities with vandalism that occurred last year, suspicious, as reported by Will Bredderman in a provocative piece for Brooklyn Daily.

An article from a few days earlier featured fellow gardener and CB10 board member Greg Ahl bemoaning the city’s refusal to build a wall as part of a pedestrian bridge project on the Belt Parkway – which abuts the community garden. Other than serving as a sound barrier, landscape designer Jimmy Johnson told Brooklyn Daily that the wall would help keep thieves and vandals out.