May 162013
New Voting Machines Prove To Be Waste Of Time And Money

NEWS: If you were one of the people who got stuck waiting in a long line last election day, then you already know that the Board of Election’s new electronic voting scanners suck. But did you know they might actually threaten this year’s mayoral race? That’s a whole lotta suck!

Apr 232013

PARKS: Youtube poster QUEENSNY121 gives us a construction update on what’s probably the most asked about building in NYC, One World Trade Center – All from Bay Ridge’s own iconic landmark, the 69th Street Pier.

Feb 262013
Brownstoner Butthurt: Bay Ridge Outranks Park Slope As Best Place To Raise Children In Brooklyn

NEWS: A new report by the Citizen’s Committee for Children named Bay Ridge the best place to raise children in the borough of homes and churches.

Jan 252013
Following National Trend, NYC Murder Rate Drops To All-Time Low

NEWS: Murder, which is believed to be the most difficult crime statistic to fake, has once again fallen to an all-time low in New York City, with homicides at a 52 year low for Brooklyn.

Jul 272012
Bay Ridge's Worst Neighbors: Investment properties left to languish by negligent landlords

A piece by Denise Romano for the Home Reporter revealed yesterday that local real estate investor Mousa Khalil owns two additional neglected properties on the same Ovington Avenue block where he allowed a house to collapse – including one that appears to be illegally occupied. Meanwhile, the Daily News’ Alex Robinson is reporting today that City Councilman Vincent Gentile is trying to guilt property owner Frank Landy to turn over a 79th Street house that’s been allowed to fall apart for 25 years, to charity.

Residents of Ovington Avenue between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue say that of the three properties Khalil owns on their block, one is actually occupied, albeit illegally. They speculate that 556 Ovington Ave is serving as a home for squatters, or possibly even an illegal hostel.

Jul 162012

As local real estate prices remain some of the strongest in the country, another apparent victim of the “benign neglect” so many once-proud homes in New York City suffer from began to crumble late last night. ABC 7 is reporting that firefighters and police were called to the scene of a partially collapsed vacant building [...]

May 082012
Kick Off Fleet Week, Bay Ridge Style!

EVENTS: On Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at around 8:30 a.m., the Parade of Ships will enter New York Harbor and proceed to the piers on the West Side of Manhattan, heralding the start of New York’s Fleet Week – as it has since 1984. If you didn’t already know, the famous flotilla passes right under the Verrazano. Which means you won’t have to schlep all the way to Manhattan to get your fill of the tall sailing vessels of old, as well as WWII-era destroyers.