Jul 292013
R-Train Doomsday Begins Friday Night

TRAFFIC AND TRANSIT: Enjoy that thru R-train service while you can, because it isn’t going to be there for much longer. On Friday night, shortly before midnight, the MTA will shut down the Montague Tunnel – the portion of the R-line route under the East River – to begin a long-term construction project to repair damage inflicted on equipment from Hurricane Sandy floodwaters.

Jul 112013
R-Train Passengers Unite! Riders Alliance throws informational happy hour as it seeks new allies

TRAFFIC & TRANSIT: While thoughts of a daily commute via the R-train may regularly inspire alcohol consumption by those living along the Fourth Avenue Local, news of a year-long closure of the Montague Street tunnel recently spawned an “informational happy hour” sponsored by the Riders Alliance at Greenhouse Cafe [7717 3rd Ave] June 27.

Jun 252013
Gentile Requests Ferry From FEMA As MTA Repairs Montague Street Tunnel

TRAFFIC & TRANSIT: In light of the news that MTA officials will close the Montague Street Tunnel for 14 months while workers repair damage left last year by Hurricane Sandy, City Councilman Vincent Gentile is asking the Federal Emergency Management Agency for help in getting commuters across the East River.

Jun 062013
R-Train Riders Take Another One In The Firebox, Montague Tunnel To Close For A Year

TRANSIT: since direct Brooklyn-to-Manhattan service was restored on the R-train in December, things just haven’t been quite right. All sorts of delays, signal problems, other bad stuff. The line was restored, yes… but it wasn’t really fixed. Metals and delicate electronics that were subjected to an extended salt-water bath are breaking down at an accelerated pace, and no amount of FASTRACKs will allow the MTA to keep up. So the transit agency will close the Montague Tunnel between Brooklyn and Manhattan for 14 months, starting in August.

Apr 292013
Heads-Up: No Overnight R-Trains Next Week!

TRANSIT: Take note, subway riders – the MTA’s Fastrack maintenance program is coming to Bay Ridge, so you better be tucked in early that night. For four weeknights from Monday, May 6 through Thursday, May 9, there will be no R-trains between 36th Street and 95th Street starting at 10pm. The shutdown lasts until 5am the next morning.

Apr 162013
R-Train Riders Say Court Street Station Could Use Post Sandy Cleanup

TRAFFIC & TRANSIT: While R-train riders in Bay Ridge have to put up with messy local stations that let in the elements, commuters say the conditions at one Downtown Brooklyn stop remain downright disgusting more than six months after Hurricane Sandy flooded the platform.

Feb 132013
R-Train Riders Of The World, Unite! Riders Alliance Comes To Bay Ridge

TRANSIT: ´╗┐Despite independent analysis determining that the R-train is shockingly not the worst line in the subway system, there aren’t a lot of area residents ready to give it the 2013 Academy Award for the Best Train Ever Made. The Riders Alliance is coming to the neighborhood next Tuesday to organize political support for genuine improvements.

Dec 052012
MTA: R-Train Will Not Run Under East River Until End Of Year

Traffic & Transit: Despite announcing last week that direct R-train service to Manhattan would return by mid December, the MTA is now saying restoration of the Montague Street Tunnel will take until the end of the year.

Nov 272012
[UPDATED] R-Train Service "Days Away" From Being Restored

TRAFFIC & TRANSIT: As the absence of direct R-train service to Manhattan passes the four week mark, MTA officials are assuring Bay Ridge riders that the Montague Street Tunnel connection will be back up and running in seven to fourteen days.