Mar 132012
Gounardes says Golden is ignoring redistricting issue, as Legislature releases barely-changed proposal

BAY RIDGE, POLITICS: On Sunday, the State Legislature announced a revised proposal for redistricting. But the new proposal, says the Politicker team, looks quite a bit like the old proposal. And the changes to Marty Golden’s District 22 – already a gerrymandered masterpiece that runs on an edge through Sheepshead Bay on its way to Mill Basin – are so insignificant, it would be a struggle to point them out. A block here, a block there, but nothing that adds up to real money. Andrew Gounardes, the Democrat running against Golden in this year’s election, released a statement in reaction to Golden’s role in the process, in light of his decision to sign the Ed Koch pledge to back independent redistricting:

Jan 272012
Redistricting: "A baby alien popping out of a stomach," and other mild reactions

BAY RIDGE, DYKER HEIGHTS, POLITICS: The proposed Assembly and State Senate districts for elections beginning this November were released yesterday. No one was very happy, especially with the Senate districts. Especially us. The good news is, districts currently covering Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights don’t become much more gerrymandered than they were in the first place.