State Liquor Authority

Jan 072013
Gentile, Golden Want 93 Lounge Shut Down

BUSINESS: Officials in Bay Ridge are calling for the closure of a controversial night club after a New Years Eve melee between two groups ended with four people in the hospital after they were allegedly struck by a drunk driving couple fleeing the fight.

Dec 202012
Déjà Vu? Amnesia 'Forgets' Name, Pretends To Be Another Business

BUSINESS: In the latest chapter in the saga of mighty morphin’ 4th Avenue nightclub Amnesia, it seems the nightspot’s owners have found yet another way to get around applying for a cabaret license.

Sep 112012
Why won't Amnesia get its cabaret license? No, seriously. Why?

SHOPPING & COMMERCE: I’m going to make a possibly unpopular argument and say that the Amnesia dance club (10007 4th Avenue) should be allowed to operate, in spite of what Community Board 10 has to say. But not if they refuse to seek out a cabaret license, which we have demonstrated time and time again is with the night club’s reach, if they’d only try.

Apr 302012
CB 10 To Liquor Authority: 86 The 93 Lounge

FOOD & DRINK: Last week, members of Bay Ridge’s Community Board 10 recommended that the state shutter a 93rd Street watering hole they insist has turned into a den of drug dealing and violence, reports Brooklyn Daily’s William Bredderman. The panel asked the State Liquor Authority to deny a liquor license renewal for the 93 Lounge, citing complaints of noise, fights and littering from residents of 93rd Street between 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue, who say the lounge’s shady patrons routinely disturb the peace on their street.