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Jul 182012
Marty Golden To MTA: Consider discount toll passes for Verrazano

With the MTA’s financial picture looking rosier, and with service restoration on this year’s budget agenda, local pols are asking the transit authority for a slice of that proverbial pie on behalf of Bay Ridge drivers.

State Senator Marty Golden put out a press release yesterday calling on MTA officials to consider extending a version of the so-called Staten Island discount to Brooklyn commuters.

Under Golden’s proposal, enrolled E-Z Pass users with non-commercial plates would only pay full price for their first three trips over the Verrazano, and $4.75 afterwards.

Golden’s office included part of a letter sent to MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota in the statement:

May 312012
Gounardes Keeps The Pressure On Golden

In an election year when Democrats would like to see Republican State Senator Marty Golden vacate his seat, State Senate hopeful Andrew Gounardes is keeping the political pressure on, while making some valid points in the process. One recent dispatch from the Gounardes campaign, sent with the subject line Gounardes Calls Out Golden For Ignoring [...]