Feb 282013
Subway Fare, Verrazano Bridge Toll Hikes - Now With Pretty Charts!

TRAFFIC AND TRANSIT: This Sunday, March 3, getting from Point A to Point B will cost just a little bit more than it did the day before: the long-planned increases in fares and tolls will go into effect at 12:00am midnight. To help visualize the changes, we’ve put together a few handy graphics.

Feb 262013
Mayoral Hopeful Sal Albanese Unveils Ambitious Transit Plan, Secures Union Support

POLITICS: Shortly after securing the endorsement of the union that represents most New York City MTA workers, mayoral candidate and Bay Ridge resident Sal Albanese unveiled a transit plan he says will improve, fund, as well as make the city’s roadways and public transportation system more equitable.

Nov 292012
Gentile To MTA: Stop Verrazano Toll Hike, Waive Fares For Hurricane Relief Workers, Bring 'Discount Equity' To Southwest Brooklyn

TRAFFIC & TRANSIT: At a public hearing yesterday on Staten Island, City Councilman Vincent Gentile spoke out against a proposed Verrazano Bridge toll hike, and called on MTA officials to waive fares for Hurricane Sandy relief workers driving in from Brooklyn.

Sep 252012
As MTA mulls Verrazano toll increase, will local officials take up the Fair Plan?

TRAFFIC & TRANSIT: Local politicians Marty Golden and Nicole Malliotakis have come out against possible toll increases on the Verrazano Bridge. “Gridlock San” Schwartz has proposed a plan that would cut the toll on the V-Z without cutting funding for mass transit. Will Golden and Malliotakis take notice?

Jul 032012
Why The Verrazano Toll Is Ridiculously Unfair To Bay Ridge, Part II

Do not get me going on the Verrazano Bridge toll. I could rant and rave about this subject for days. When we visited the subject last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo had just announced a deal with the Port Authority to offer a deep discount on its three New Jersey-Staten Island bridges to Staten Island residents. [...]

Jun 282012
The Staten Island toll discount: Port Authority joins MTA in sticking it to Brooklyn

Staten Island residents will get a 60% discount on tolls paid to use the three Port Authority bridges linking Staten Island with New Jersey, as reported by Judy Randall of the Staten Island Advance last Sunday. Because, you know, Staten Islanders are the only ones who are inconvenienced by bridge tolls. Jerks. We’ve complained on [...]