Verrazano Bridge

Jun 272013
North American Producers Calls On MTA To Reconsider Using Chinese Steel On Verrazano

BUSINESS: The American Iron and Steel Institute [AISI] – an association of North American steel producers – is asking the Metropolitan Transit Authority to reconsider their decision to use 15,000 tons of steel plate made in China for an upper deck replacement project on the Verrazano Narrows Bridge planned to begin next year.

Apr 262013
MAKE THIS HAPPEN: B37 Bus To St. George, Staten Island!

TRANSIT: Transit advocates want to bring back the B37, but the more pressing need is improving the transit options that connect Brooklyn with Staten Island. Oh, look – we made a map that brings back the B37 with an extension to St. George. Aren’t we clever? (And don’t think for a minute that we aren’t very, very serious about this.)

Apr 022013
Petition Renews Campaign For Bike/Pedestrian Pathways On Verrazano

TRAFFIC & TRANSIT: Six months after Transportation Alternatives proposed bike and pedestrian lanes on the Verrazano Bridge as part of their Harbor Ring project, supporters of the idea have begun a petition on website in order to help gain some much-needed traction, as well as the attention of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Feb 282013
Subway Fare, Verrazano Bridge Toll Hikes - Now With Pretty Charts!

TRAFFIC AND TRANSIT: This Sunday, March 3, getting from Point A to Point B will cost just a little bit more than it did the day before: the long-planned increases in fares and tolls will go into effect at 12:00am midnight. To help visualize the changes, we’ve put together a few handy graphics.

Feb 262013
Mayoral Hopeful Sal Albanese Unveils Ambitious Transit Plan, Secures Union Support

POLITICS: Shortly after securing the endorsement of the union that represents most New York City MTA workers, mayoral candidate and Bay Ridge resident Sal Albanese unveiled a transit plan he says will improve, fund, as well as make the city’s roadways and public transportation system more equitable.

Feb 222013
Seen In Bay Ridge Weekender: Photography Is Not A Crime

SEEN IN PHOTOS: There is a popular web site called Photography Is Not A Crime. It is popular, in part, because photography is sometimes treated like a crime, in spite of the fact that photography is not a crime. Like on the Verrazano Bridge – in spite of its “No Photos” signage, photography still is not a crime.

Feb 152013
Beginning March 3, Prepare To Shell Out $15 For Verrazano, $2.75 For Subway

TRAFFIC & TRANSIT: Despite widespread criticism by commuters, activists, and elected officials alike, the MTA has announced that a series of planned toll and fare hikes will begin to take effect on March 3.

Feb 042013

NEWS: Last Tuesday the NYPD carried out the daring rescue of a cargo ship captain suffering from a heart attack, and the entire incident was caught on video.