Nov 042012
[UPDATED 2X] Getting There From Here: What To Expect From Your Post-Hurricane Monday Commute

TRAFFIC & TRANSIT: The transportation network is looking a lot better now than it did a couple of days ago, but there are still some holes, and the gasoline shortage continues. Here’s what to expect from your Monday morning commute.

Aug 232012
MTA Payroll Tax Judged Unconstitutional; Will Express Bus Restoration Be Off The Table?

Yesterday, a state court ruled that a regional tax applied by the state to employers in the New York City region to fund the MTA violated the state constitution, putting $1.2 billion transit funds in jeopardy.

Jul 192012
MTA To Restore Full-Length B64, Weekend Express Bus Service

As reported by various outlets earlier in the week, the MTA has been expected to announce the restoration of some bus services that had been cut in 2010. And earlier today, the office of Councilman Vincent Gentile announced that two of the bus services coming back to Bay Ridge would be the full-length B64 and [...]